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Map skills

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This afternoon, the children have been improving their map skills by plotting where famous myths originated from. They worked well collaboratively to help one another find the countries using an atlas.

Sketching of mythical monsters

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This afternoon, the children have been using their sketching skills to draw pictures of mythical creatures. They have worked really hard to get the proportion and shading right on their work.

East Barnby Day 4

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Today, the children have canoed from Ruswarp to the harbour in Whitby. They did incredibly well to steer their canoes in groups of three along the long, winding river. Tonight, we have had a camp fire and enjoyed listening to each other’s stories of the best bits of East Barnby. We also sang happy birthday to Hollie as it is her birthday tomorrow. I am so proud of everything the children have achieved this week and I’m sure you’ll love hearing all about when they return tomorrow afternoon!


East Barnby Day 3

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Today, all three groups travelled to Scugdale to climb. The children worked incredibly well in their teams to help one another climb the rocks they were challenged with. Luckily, we managed to get back to the minibuses just before the heavy downpour.

This evening, we have all had fun in bin bag fashion. The children’s creations are below.



East Barnby Day 2

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Last night, the children had a really good first nights sleep, which made the teachers really happy! Today, we headed into the woods to build our own shelters, which the children ate their lunches in. Whilst we were there, they worked in groups to light a fire to boil their kettles to make hot chocolate. This afternoon, we all headed to West Beck (near ¬†Goathland) to go beck scrambling. The children really enjoyed getting extremely wet whilst they made their way along the edge of the river. One group even jumped into the water on the famous ‘Looney Leap’ – they were absolutely soaking but had huge smiles on their faces ¬†because of their fantastic achievements. Tonight, they have enjoyed sledging on the dry ski slopes. We are all having an amazing time!!

East Barnby Day 1

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The children have had an amazing first afternoon at East Barnby. When they first arrived, their first job was to make their beds and organise their dormitories – a job that some found more difficult than others! After lunch, we ventured onto Whitby beach where they thoroughly enjoyed body boarding. We have had a superb first day and they are all looking forward to what the rest of the week may bring.

Mythical clay tiles

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This afternoon, the children have painted their mythical clay tiles that were created on our transition days before the summer holidays. I think they will look fantastic on our topic display!